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Le tunnel de photothérapie MIZAR est conçu pour réaliser un traitement intensif de photothérapie tout en_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_now temperature baby. 


The Mizar is made up of:

- Ramp upper phototherapy with LED equipped with a lighting system

- Lower phototherapy ramp with LED equipped with a lighting system

- Cradle in transparent plastic (PET) with edges and protruding, sloping positions

- Gel mattress  permeable to phototherapy radiation


Associated element:

- Transparent gel mattress for the installation of the baby (contact us - reference: 01.320.0001)


MIZAR phototherapy tunnel with heated ramp

  • A control panel managed by microprocessor is located

    On the front of the top head. This control board

    Includes the following functions:


    - Servo controlled manual and skin regulation de the temperature of the new born

    - Control of the temperature of the new born with the skin probe

    - Power control (%)

    - Button for the 12 blue leds

    - Button for the 4 white lighting LEDs

    - Data memory in the event of a power failure

    - Soft keys

    - Safety set key for parameter change

    - Electronic counter

    - Dimensions 101x52x180cm

    - 220V-50Hz power supply

    - Consumption 600W

    the upper lighting ramp has 6 blue LEDs for treatment max total power > 1,000 μw/cm2 for a distance of 90cm4 white LEDs for examination lighting, 1 radiant quartz heating tube of 350wla ramp lower lighting has 6 blue LEDs for treatment total power: max > 2,500 μw/cm2 for a distance of 25cm 1 transparent plastic cover for safety standards.

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