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The Cosytherm2 system warming_system  is a simple and economical solution for maintaining the temperature of a newborn. It is made up of a central unit equipped with a touch screen that allows you to adjust the temperature and a heating element that is installed in the maternity cradle. This heating element is compatible with all maternity cradles available on the market. It is a level IIB medical device.

Some heating elements can additionally be integrated  into an incubator.


2 sizes of heated mattress are available:

For 1 place maternity crib: 610 x 340mm

-For 2-seater maternity crib(twins): 610 x 430mm

-Other models exist(integration into an incubator): contact us

Cosytherm2 Neonatal Heating Mattress

  • - Central unit dimensions: 187 x 183 x 144mm 

    - CPU weight: 1.6kg

    - Power supply: 100-240VAC 50-60Hz 195W (195VA)

    - Other elements: 

    • Connection cables (1m)
    • Reusable temperature probe 
    • Single-use temperature probe 
  • This section includes flyers, possible studies, instructions for use and technical data sheets for this product.


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