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Description :

EyeMax 2 phototherapy masks provide patients with maximum comfort and protection during phototherapy treatments. The mask is made in one piece and wraps around the baby's head. Two Velcro attachment points, independently adjustable, allow it to be adjusted precisely to the circumference of the child's head. The eye protection surface is designed to prevent UV penetration and reduce eye pressure. The support strips allow UV rays to pass through to optimize the treatment.


3 sizes of EyeMax2 masks are available 

- Size XS (micro-green): for very premature babies:head circumference 20-25cm (58-10 inches)

- Size S (preemie-orange) : for premature babies : head circumference 26-32cm (10-13 Inches)

- Size M (regular-blue):for newborns:head circumference 33-38cm (13-15 Inches)


EyeMax2 Phototherapy Masks

  • Composition :

    - Opacifying band: 40S cotton

    - Support strap: non-woven fabric 

    - Guaranteed latex-free, BPA-free and DEHP-free


    Origin :

    - Made in China

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