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Description :

The Cuddle UP Hug cocoon allows you to install a baby comfortably. It creates side and upper limits (with the straps) around the child. Well positioned in its cocoon, the child can thus be moved without being disturbed. 


The Cuddle UP Hug cocoons (insert) are available in 3 sizes:

- Size S : for very premature babies (31 x 20cm)

- Size M : for very premature babies (44 x 25cm)

- Size L : for premature babies (55 x 33cm)


This cocoon is made up of a cotton fleece or cotton jersey cover (your choice) and a rigid insert that serves as a support point for its feet(follow this link)


What is Jersey Cotton?

Cotton JERSEY  is a fine knitted mesh used mainly by the clothing industry, cotton JERSEY is easy to wash. Cotton JERSEY  has the particularity of being extensible. Prefer un lavage  in delicate mode to  30°C maximum.


What is Polar cotton?

The cotton POLAR  is a type of fabric that can be used for warm winter clothes, cotton POLAR  is lightweight but keeps you warm. It is easy to wash. Machine wash should have a temperature at 30°C.


What is single use?

The Single Use cover is a consumable product that is not intended to be kept, does not wash. The cover should be discarded and replaced with another.


3 different types of covers are available for the Cuddle UP Hug  cocoons:

- Reusable fleece cotton cover (with straps)

- Reusable Jersey cotton cover (with straps)

- Single-use cover 

Cocoon Cuddle UP Hug: Covers

  • Composition :

    - Covers:

    Fleece cotton:Polyester

    Jersey cotton:polyester/cotton

    Disposable :non woven polypropylene

    - Guaranteed latex-free, BPA-free and DEHP-free


    Maintenance :

    - Machine wash and dry possible at medium temperature

    - Do not use bleach


    Origin :

    - Made in Taiwan and USA

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