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Description :


What is Jersey Cotton?

The cottonJERSEYis a knitted fine mesh used mainly by the clothing industry, cottonJERSEYis easy to wash. The cottonJERSEYhas the particularity of being extensible. Prefer un lavage  in delicate mode to30°Cmaximum.



What is Polar cotton?

The cottonPOLARis a type of fabric that can be used for warm winter clothing, cottonPOLARis light but keeps you warm. It is easy to wash. Machine wash should have a temperature at30°C.



What is single use?

The Single Use cover is a consumable product that is not intended to be kept, does not wash. The cover must be discarded and replaced with another. 


3 types of covers are available for each positioning device:

-Disposable cover(set of 20) 

-Reusable fleece cotton cover(unity)

-Reusable Jersey cotton cover (unit) 

Covers for head cushions

  • Composition :

    - Covers:

    fleece cotton:Polyester

    Jersey cotton: polyester/cotton

    Disposable :non woven polypropylene

    - Guaranteed latex-free, BPA-free and DEHP-free


    Maintenance :

    - Machine wash and dry possible, at medium temperature

    - Do not use de Javel water


    Origin :

    - Made in Taiwan and USA

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