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Description :

The micro cuvettes for Hemo Control make it possible to collect blood (capillary, venous or arterial). They are marketed in tubes of 50 units, themselves distributed in boxes of 4 tubes, i.e. a total of 200 micro cuvettes. 


You will find :

- The Hemo Control blood analyzer:here

- Heel warmers for pain:here 

- Adult and child incision device:here

- Incision device for premature babies and newborns:here

Micro Cuvette Hemo Control

  • - Lid sealed with desiccant 

    - Ideal for high volume sites 

    - Temperature of use and storage: 15 to 30°C

    - Conservation: 2 years

    - Consumption after opening: 3 months (lid closed)

    - Made in Germany

  • This section includes flyers, possible studies, instructions for use and technical data sheets for this product.


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