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Description :

The MBJ20 bilirubinometer is a portable transcutaneous detector used for the clinical and dynamic examination of neonatal jaundice. Non-invasive and instantaneous, it assesses the concentration of transcutaneous bilirubin, directly correlated to the concentration of serum bilirubin. A simple contact on the skin of the newborn allows the device to carry out the analysis. The results are then transmis either in µmol/L or in mg/dl.


  • - Dimensions: 176 x 59 x 35.5mm

    - Weight: 215g

    - Multi-display LCD screen

    - Power supply: 2 alkaline batteries included (2x1.5V)

    - Average battery life: approximately 2,000 procedures

    - Supplied with a carrying case 

  • This section includes flyers, possible studies, instructions for use and technical data sheets for this product.


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