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This maternity crib is very practical for difficult floors and tight storage spaces. Indeed, its wheels are of a diameter that allows it to pass all obstacles (elevator, unevenness, holes, etc...). The frames fit into each other to save storage space. Finally, the cradles stack on top of each other. This cradle is also equipped with a tilt lever. it is also spacious. 


Each part can  be purchased separately. This cradle is ideal for welcomingheated mattressescozytherm

Maternity crib

  • - Steel frame chrome tubular 

    - Transparent acrylic shell, perforated bottom, easy to clean

    - Label holder 

    - Removable waterproof mattress

    - Quick adjustable trendline-trend using a knob 

    - 10cm diameter casters, two of which have brakes



    - Chassis height 74 cm 

    - Chassis + cradle height 98cm 

    - Width 53 cm 

    - Length 87cm

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