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Description :

The Bed Buddy are reusable cylinders of positioning.


This modular protection is made of gel beads, which gives it elasticity, then covered with imitation leather for easy maintenance.


The "Bed Buddy" modular protections are available in 4 different lengths: 

-  Size XS:for very premature babies(76cm diameter 5cm - 0.6kg)

- Size S:for very premature babies(92cm diameter 6cm - 1.3kg)

- Size M:for premature babies(112cm diameter 7cm - 2.5kg) 

- Size L:for newborn   (153cm diameter 10cm - 3.4kg)


Find your size here.


For each length, there are covers:  

-Single-use covers

-Covers en cotton Jersey reusable

-Reusable fleece cotton covers



Bed Buddy

  • Composition :

    - Gel Beads - Plastic TPE (Styrene-Ethylene/ Butylene-Styrene Block Copolymer)

    - Vinyl wrap (polyvinyl chloride and cotton)

    - Guaranteed latex-free, BPA-free and DEHP-free



    - Cleaning with a surface disinfectant for medical devices

    - Average lifespan: 5 years


    Origin :

    - Made in Taiwan and USA 


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