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The Hemo Control blood analyzer makes it possible to obtain two blood measurements at the same time, namely the measurement of hemoglobin in g/dl of blood and the hematocrit level. To do this, a drop of blood should be taken from the child's heel and then introduced into a receptacle called a "micro-cuvette":see this link


You will find:  

- Incision device for premature and newborn babiesUnistick Tiny Touch 

- Incision device for child and adult:  Unistik 3 

- Heel warmer to relieve  pain and generate blood flow: see this link

- Calibration set:see this link


The Hemo Control does not require any special maintenance and can be connected to a PC or a local network. 

Hemo Control hemoglobin analyzer

  • Easy to use :

    - Easy to handle 

    - Guidance by on-screen instructions

    - Backlit screen

    - Choice of language 

    - Charger for microcuvettes reducing the risk of contamination 

    Convenient and portable:

    - Result in less than a minute

    - Weight: 700g

    - No need maintenance 

    - Built-in 100 hour rechargeable battery

    - Calibration self-test 

    Accuracy and reliability:

    - Suitable for a temperature between 15 and 40°C

    - Photometric method of analysis

    - Unit of measurement from 0-25.6g/dL; 0-15.9µmol/l

    - Accuracy: CV less than 2%

    Network connection:

    - Bidirectional interface LIS2-A2

    - Stores 4,000 analysis results

    - USB connection cable to a PC 

    - Barcode identification of stakeholders and patients 

    - Integrated Bluetooth technology


    - Made in Germany

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