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Description :

Lactate production increases when the body is tired. The lactate scout can be used in sports and hospital environments to determine the level of lactate contained in the body and thus know the level of fatigue of an individual. It is a technologypoint of care, which makes it possible to read the results of the analysis at the very place of the medical act.

(Reference: 10.810.0502)


To take the sample, all you need is a drop of blood which will be deposited on a strip. This strip is then analyzed by the lactate scout who communicates a result in µmol/l.


You will find :

- The attached strips:here

- The trial solution:here

- Adult incision device Unistik 3:here

- Unistik TinyTouch Preemie and Newborn heel incision device:here

"Lactate Scout 4" Lactate Analyzer

  • Easy to use :

    •   Getting started by inserting the strip
    • Simplified navigation with control keys
    • Only requires 0.2µmol of blood 
    • Pre-calibrated strip
    • Self test solution 

    Speed and precision:

    • Result in 10 seconds
    • Measurement scale from 0.5 to 25µmol/l
    • Ematocrit Compensation
    • Solutions test 

    Network and Display: 

    • Bluetooth-enabled
    • Stop function watch 
    • Management software

    Convenient and reliable:

    • Stores 500 results 
    • 2 CR2450 batteries
    • Bluetooth low-energy system
    • 91x46x21mm
    • 60 grams 
    • Operating temperature: 10 to 45°C
  • This section includes flyers, possible studies, instructions for use and technical data sheets for this product.


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